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Visit Campus

体验校园是了解一所大学是否适合你的最好方法. Visit us at Mount Union to experience our beautiful campus, state-of-the-art facilities, and dynamic campus life first hand.

Tours are available Monday through Saturday most of the year, 但最好的参观时间是9月至4月之间的工作日, when classes are in session. 您的访问将包括与学生导游一起参观校园,并与入学顾问进行信息交流. When you schedule your visit at least a week in advance, we can arrange additional activities, including the option to sit in on a class, meet with a professor or coach, or have lunch in our dining hall.

我们也鼓励你加入我们的许多入学活动之一, 这也为你提供了一个沉浸在联合山体验中的机会.

While you're on campus, check out Alliance, especially State Street. You'll find plenty of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and overnight accommodations – and it's all right off campus. Also, don't forget to check out our directions to campus, campus map, and parking information before you hit the road.

Mount Union Maps and Virtual Tour

Utilize these maps and the virtual tour to get a glimpse of campus.

Campus Visits

安排一个Mount Union校园参观,了解我们的校园和它所提供的. As part of your scheduled visit, 你将与招生代表见面,进行信息介绍,并参观校园. 小团体旅游和信息会议可能会组织与许多游客到校园的日子. During your visit, 询问您的代表更多关于我们的联合山参观调查和抽奖的细节!

Depending on faculty availability, 提前至少一周安排参观校园的高年级学生可以选择与教师见面. 所有学生也可以要求额外的活动,包括在学年(9月至4月)期间旁听课程的选择。, meet with an athletic coach or other staff, or sample our dining services. 如有特殊要求,请在安排参观时注明. 课堂观察可能在您感兴趣的领域或一般的Mount Union教室, 取决于您想要访问的日期/时间的课程. 您将在访问校园之前通过电子邮件通知您的日程安排.